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Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms does DeltaX Assistant support?

DeltaX Assistant currently supports Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Amazon Sponsored Ads.

How does DeltaX Assistant use and process my account data?

DeltaX Assistant uses your linked account data to improve the accuracy of the recommendations and to deliver a better user experience. We understand that this data is sensitive and hence we take great care to ensure it's secure and not misused. We don't share or sell this data to third parties.

DeltaX Assistant doesn’t make changes to your account without prompting you for action. You can decide to ‘Apply’ recommended changes or ‘Skip’.

Yes. We plan to add additional pricing tiers in the future but intend to continue an ‘Always Free - Tier’

DeltaX offers digital media solutions for enterprise advertisers and their agencies to efficiently buy, optimize, report and attribute media across all digital channels. We integrate with 30+ marketing APIs and use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to complement this data to help optimize spends and ROI. Know more about DeltaX.

DeltaX Assistant is a free to use tool provided by DeltaX for small and medium advertisers.